Using Django, Node and MySQL we created an autonomous system that takes registered volunteers and pairs them with the victims of natural disasters most in need. With minimal user involvement we are able to retrieve implicit data such as location to quickly help volunteers find the areas of an affected zone where they are most needed. For example by redirecting those affected to the closest, least crowded safety point or by allowing volunteers to create their own refuge spots, hastle free, with just a tap. We handle the admin. Letting aid workers do what they do best and helping people in need get the support they deserve.

This system operates by default as a web app with no need for installation in times of stress. And if you're in an area in which the data connectivity has been affected by the disaster then the whole system reverts to a super low bandwidth sms interface, allowing for optimal accessibility in the most challenging of conditions.


Inspired by Accenture, we used the following apis:

-mapquest -nexmo

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