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Reading the news. It's the joy of discovery that connects us with the world. Each of us has a different take, so why consume generic news feeds like "business" or "foreign affairs"? Our interests are dynamic (ever changing?) ! We want to know about what's going on right now, whether it's the Fed raising interest rates or the USA #feelingTheBern.

Reading a news article is an effective way to learn about what happened, but what about contextually related issues? When Bernie Sanders talks about Universal Healthcare, you should be able to dig into Universal Healthcare. The market's current offerings lead you to a mind-numbing amount of articles parroting each other endlessly. Why aren't they guiding you deeper into the issues so that you can form your own point of view? Knō is an app that affords self-directed learning; enabling us to explore ideas to a personally significant level of understanding.

Knowledge is power; get powered by Knō.


Search. Listen. Knō.

  1. Enter a topic that you want to learn more about.
  2. Pick one of three pertinent articles.
  3. Listen.
  4. Pick a related concept to expand your understanding.
  5. GOTO 2

The Dream

The Tech Crunch Disrupt Hackathon marks the day that Knō conquered the news; but we can't stop. Knō will sit on top of any big data.

  • Want to catch up on the social conversation? Slap Knō on top of Reddit.
  • Want to learn about some historical event? Slap Knō on top of Wikipedia.
  • Want to keep tabs on a field of computer science research? Slap Knō on the ACM Digital Library.

How it works

Knō has three parts:

  1. AlchemyData News: Cognitive news; allows us to relate articles based on human concepts rather than keyword matching.
  2. IBM Watson Developer Cloud Text To Speech Service: Enables us to provide quality news in an easier to consumer format.
  3. Heuristics developed by the Knō engineering team: Our Team's Secret Sauce that ties AlchemyData and Watson together.
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