The University of Waterloo isn't connecting with today's millenial donors. By leveraging disruptive new technologies, we can attract the highest donations of any post-secondary institution.

What it does

The Onion Omega 2 broadcasts a wifi network, everyone can donate by connecting to the web UI from their smartphones, eReaders, and other IoT devices. The Omega then reads the donations out, live, using

My Web 1.0-enabled Chromebook serves as the power source and as a portable kiosk for collecting donations from people who don't have their own devices.

What's next for Disruptive Donations

I will use the $666,666,666,666,666,666,666,666,666,231,135,575,646 raised from the demo to run this on more than 64 MB of RAM, and build a couple of engineering buildings.

Built With

  • loveinsanfranciscocaliforniausa
  • node.js
  • onion-omega
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