Spring break is coming up, and we realized that many of our friends spent effort attempting to plan their trips. Since there are so many components to a trip, it proves difficult to keep the information together. Therefore, we wanted to create an app that would tackle that issue.

What it does

This application asks for user input: the trip name, the activity, and a date associated with that activity. It then adds the activities to a cell in the Table Control Viewer for easy and organized viewing. In the future, we hope to implement features that will allow users to keep track of hotel reservations and look up recommendations.

How I built it

We used Swift to create an iOS application. We included ViewControllers and TableControllers to build our display. We also used buttons, labels, the alert view controller.

Challenges I ran into

Because this was our first time using Swift, the entire project was actually a learning curve. We initially did not know how to connect the UI and the code, but we eventually figured out how to build a functional iOS app. The most difficult concept to learn was the Table View Controller and all its components and we are very grateful that a Capital One iOS engineer helped us understand this.

What we learned

Neither of us have coded in Swift before or developed an iOS app so producing an app with a few functions in less than 24 hours was a significant accomplishment. We learned how to navigate the UI interface, how to use view controllers (basic, table view, alert, etc.), and the fundamentals of Swift syntax. We are definitely looking into learning more about app development and languages for it!

What's next for Trip-Planner-ver-1.0

We plan to learn more about app development and eventually come back to Trip-Planner-ver-1.0 to add functionalities such as Housing, Transportation, possibly Nearby Recommendations using GPS, etc. We have to also fix the "See Past Trips" button so that it can access the history of past trips.

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