How it works

The early bird catches the worm. Jugda is an Outlook plugin that tells you if you're going to be late, using geolocation. We calculate the time you'll need to travel to and from the event you're about to schedule and warn you if you haven't estimated enough time for the trip. This functionality is available in Apple Calendar, although it is not yet in Outlook.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  1. Our submission is above and beyond. For example:
    • we created a business model, which we expect only a few other teams will do
    • we built more extensive technology than what was required, completing the most essential components first
    • we explored tools that were new to us - for example, one of our developers learned Sinatra at the hackathon, which became the core of the backend.
  2. Completing all the steps from the conception of the idea to a WORKING product AT the hackathon
  3. Leveraging the pieces available at the Hackathon to build a coherent whole. For example:
    • we used instead of Heroku, even though some of our team members had experience in Heroku
    • similarly, we used Esri instead of Google Maps, even though some of our team members had experience in Google Maps
    • we used the Outlook API and MasterCard, all of us for the first time, as well as CircleCI with Code Climate and several other features
  4. Finishing the programming in comfortable time. Woo-hoo!

Challenges we ran into

  1. Hosting Backend on was not fully implemented as one-click for Ruby
  2. Outlook add-in does not support searching different appointments on the client. As a result, we had to substantially modify our approach to writing the server.
  3. Esri API contest was added later than the TechCrunch API announcement from the April 23 newsletter
  4. API support was only present for some of the time. We stayed all night!

What We learned

We like the approach of modeling our Hackathon submission on the APIs. We found the company representatives we worked with, particularly's, very friendly and helpful. We all build tech projects in our spare time, but here, because of the APIs, we can take approaches we wouldn't be able to try anywhere else.

What's next for Jugda

We think the current features could be a beta release, pending feedback from would-be Users. We can continue working on Jugda together, whether or not we win today. 3 of us (Ivan, Parth and Rebecca) know each other from a Meetup group called "Problem Solving Practice for Coders," where Ivan and Rebecca are organizers. Our Business Development team member, Luci, is a friend we have known since the New York Tech Meetup after-party in October 2013. Luci presented at 3-Day Startup in early 2014 with Rebecca. Xinghai is a rising Computer Science junior at U-Michigan who will be in New York for the summer and will be available to join the rest of the team.

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