In conjunction with Accenture's call for help in natural disasters, we decided to come up with a platform that would help families. In times of emergencies, it can be difficult to keep your eye on everyone that needs your care, so we set up a virtual babysitter. Volunteers can connect with families in need through a video chat. They will also get contact information of the parents so that adults can be free to manage quick errands without worrying about their children.

The system is set up as a short-term solution for parents to manage quick tasks during a disaster and the volunteer will function as an emergency alert system for them. If something happens to the child, the volunteer can text the parents, but mostly they are there to entertain. We teamed up with Nexmo to authenticate our users and connect parents with volunteers. We would like to thank for proving our users with a video and messaging platform.

When you need some help, we're here for you. Let one of our certified volunteers care for your child in a moment's notice.

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