With the rapid growth of pollution and urbanization, the amount of solid waste is increasing significantly. India alone produces 277 tonnes of solid waste which is also the highest in the world. Of the 30 most polluted cities in the world, 21 were in India in 2019. That's why we designed Dispose.

Harmful effects of improper disposal of waste

  • 💣 Contamination occurs by spilling and burying hazardous components in soil
  • 💣 Water picks up pollution along the way while moving through. It often has dissolved substances like various chemicals and gases
  • 💣 Rainfall easily mixes toxic liquid substances and seeps into the water streams to end up in nearby water bodies. Thus, the neighborhood fountain, pond, lake, or even drinking water taps are susceptible to the dangers of contamination
  • 💣 Harmful greenhouse gases are created from decomposing waste. These rise up to the atmosphere and trap heat. This adversely causes extreme weather reactions in the form of storms and typhoons
  • 💣 On the occasions paper and plastic are burned at the landfill, causing landfill gas, the chemicals released which accumulate and contribute to the ozone layer and also hurt the surrounding human population. Methane gas adds to it as well. Besides, with chemicals such as dioxin out there, the air has been proven to have harmful effects on us
  • 💣 Think about the fires at landfills and their effects on us. Whether coming from the air or its accumulation in our cellars, those landfill gases have been exposed for causing cancer, create respiratory and visibility problems, and the explosion of cans put people nearby at constant risk
  • 💣 When we come in contact with waste, it causes skin irritation and blood infections. We also contract diseases from flies which are carriers of illnesses after breeding on solid waste. With regards to mosquitoes, we know, besides feeding on dead fish, they find sewage, rainwater, tires, cans, and other objects to be ideal breeding grounds. They carry and spread diseases such as malaria and dengue

What it does

Dispose is a mobile application which

  • ✔️ Tracks the garbage collection vehicle
  • ✔️ Spread awareness regarding environmental issues
  • ✔️ Educate people on how to segregate waste
  • ✔️ Provide rapid action on garbage related complaints

Accomplishments that we're proud of

While working on this project, we worked for the betterment of our environment in the following ways:

  • ⭐️ With segregation of waste, the disposal of garbage will be cheaper
  • ⭐️ The segregated waste can be used for different needs and saves the environment
  • ⭐️ With the help of disposal, we can dispose of hazardous substances correctly and safely.
  • ⭐️ With proper management of waste events of the burning of garbage will reduce.

Built With

  • figma
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