We have the greatest technology in the world to get you a 🍔,🍕 & 🚗but when you're in some of the most critical emergencies in your life we're relying on legacy phone systems. Dispatchify looks to close that gap and make sure first responders have a platform with the best possible information going into an emergency situation where every second and detail counts.

📑 About

Dispatchify is an emergency dispatch platform aiming to help bring accessibility, speed, and data reliability to the world. and consisting of two applications. One is desktop version for dispatchers and the other is the mobile version for callers. The flow of the app is very simple. It all begins when a person makes a call and reaches dispatch.


-INCOMING CALL- The dispatcher gets an alert with the incoming call.

-TEXT MESSAGE- The dispatcher sends a unique link to the caller initiating a session.

-PERMISSIONS- The app will automatically check for permissions (it will display this screen if any are missing)

-GPS LOCATION- Then the app will immediately sends over the pinpoint location of the user using coordinates.

-ADDRESS LOOKUP- Re-using the coordinates just obtained, the app will perform a reverse geolocation to form an address, also send to the dispatcher and perform a people lookup on the address (if residence)

-PEOPLE CONFIRMATION- The app will then ask the user to confirm if any of those people are involved in the scene.

-VISUAL IMAGERY- After IDing the people, the app will ask for a visual representation of the scene in the form of a picture also sent to dispatch.

-CENTRAL HUB- Finally, the user is taken to a centralized hub where the dispatcher and user can further enhance the call by accessing real-time transcriptions and translations, resources on common emergencies, additional personal info, and livestreaming of a camera.

🔑 Features

  • Google Cloud phone and speech enhancing models for better clarity and noise reduction
  • AI Facial recognition to help automate detecting people in the scene
  • Mutli Websocket protocols to help power real-time data transfer
  • HTTP/2 for superior data transmission
  • Asset compression for minimal latency and fast loading on slower networks
  • Voice to text transcription and translation for cross language and accessibility

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