The inspiration came when Nhat, our team member, right before we started brainstorming here came to us concerning, normally we spend about an hour brainstorming and throwing ideas back at each other but this was a challenge we couldn't simply turn down. So we spilt tasks and got to work right around 1pm. We wanted to come at this project from a different perspective, instead of us making an app that makes us and others laugh, why not make something that genuinely helps people.

What it does

The app helps streamline the process of lives potentially being saved by having the victim call the dispatcher and through Dispatch automatically autofills into the dashboard in where the dispatcher can then go ahead and make any additional edits if necessary and dispatch ambulances, firetrucks, &/or police units. We intentionally have the dispatcher still monitor the dashboard because we strongly believe that humans feel more comfortable talking to other humans especially is times of need.

How we built it

We used ALOT of things haha, some of them being node.js, express.js,, swift, and more.

Challenges we ran into

Theres never enough time, we always under estimate the time it takes to fix unexpected problems and communication will always be key, at some parts of the night, we lacked this heavily mostly due to the fact that this was a new challenge for us.

Fun fact, CocoaPods has a huge bug. If you name your project "Dispatch" or really anything that uses its namespace, cocoa pods destroys your projects. That was a fun 3 hours...

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting most of the app complete for judges to at least take a look at and genuinely appreciate. What really made us happy was how the app we created this year genuinely helps people and could potentially lead to other major solutions is this field.

What we learned

We learned that teamwork really does make the dreamwork.

What's next for Dispatch

More artificial intelligence as well as better natural language processing.

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