Disapp (a change to the verb dispatch) was inspired by the coming age of delivering systems based on drones and other flying vehicles. As the team contained members from diverse fields from mathematics, computer sciences and aeroastro, the project seemed to fit our expectations of workflow and ideas.

Disapp connects a whole delivery platform to IoT-based drones. An intuitive and user-friendly app (available for both android and iOS) allows one to input information for a given delivery, creating a tracking system for both the person who is sending and the person who is receiving. As we were not allowed to have drones in the hackathon, we had to adapt the system to small rovers which would follow specific paths despite losing one motional dimension.

The app used ionic framework, which itself is based on apache cordova. As we used an hybrid platform, we had to use HTML, CSS and JS for basic functions, as well as AngularJS and some APIs (such as google maps') to work with more complex information.

The car was built using Intel's Skeletonbot 4WD Hercules' kit and programmed in JS. Key challenges arose as soon as we tried to test the car, and we were unable to have its motors working - despite having all the algorithms that would describe the path to a given place.

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