With the advent of online schooling, many students have difficulty studying for classes. We wanted to make something that encourages studying and helping peers study and DisNote was our solution.

What it does

DisNote is a general study help Discord bot with an array of features.

  • Note-sharing: DisNote can hold note files of any type in a database through CockroachDB, making it easy to share notes among everyone in a server.
  • Quizzes: DisNote users can create custom timed quizzes and send them to a server. After the time is up, DisNote will review everyone's answers and give feedback on if they were right or not.
  • Reminders: DisNote users can schedule reminders for specific times and dates. When that time comes, DisNote will remind everyone in the server about what the reminder was for - an excellent way to schedule warnings on due dates.
  • Study Motivation: DisNote users can clock in to study hours and compete with other people on the server for most time spent studying on a leaderboard.

How we built it

We used JavaScript as the backbone of DisNote, connected it to Discord with Discord.js, and set up a database for notes with CockroachDB.

Challenges we ran into

Because DisNote was made in 24 hours, debugging issues was significantly more stressful than normal. Getting stuck on one error could halt the production of the entire program.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We implemented every feature that we envisioned for DisNote, pushing our programming abilities to the limit in the limited time we had.

What we learned

Programming with a tight deadline is thrilling - in both a good way and a bad way. Solving problem after problem with the help of a small team is amazing, but maintaining the focus required through the early hours of the morning is stressful.

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