We are a group of 3 students from McMaster University in the Integrated Business and Humanities program. With little technical experience, we decided to take the challenge and attend RU Hacks to learn more about how to build something engaging! The photos attached were created through Figma to display what the prototype of our DisneyMagic app would look like and allows the user to interact with the buttons. With the help of Tank our mentor as well as the RU Hacks organizers, we were able to upload these images onto GitHub for your viewing.

With the swift transition to online schooling students around the world are facing due to Covid-19, young children are losing the necessary environment needed to cultivate an engaging environment that fosters creativity and learning. Not being surrounded in a classroom, without teachers and classmates can be very discouraging for young students and we wanted to create something that would empower children and their parents to enter a immersive learning experience with the help of their favourite Disney characters!

Welcome to DisneyMagic-a unique app that brings stories to life with the use of EchoAR. By scanning QR codes on Disney storybooks, Disney characters can pop up on a phone screen and ask questions to better captivate and engage with children. There are also other features such interactive games as well as "learn" feature that includes covers a wide range of topics, from phonics, to body parts, to best practices for staying safe during Covid-19.

As hackers with minimal technical experience, we encountered some difficulty in our preliminary planning about how to bring this amazing idea to life, but with the help our talented mentors, we were able to gain suggestions on how to create a successful prototype as beginners!

Built With

  • echoar
  • figma
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