We realized that there is no easy way to connect guests a Disney parks with park resources, emergency alerts, and more. This is why we decided to make an app that does this all for you

What it does

It is a mobile app that features attractions at your current park. It has 3 different interfaces for users:

  1. For Guests at Disney parks
  2. An interface for seeing attractions and wait times for attractions (which are most popular etc)
  3. An interface for live updates
  4. Receives emergency notifications if an emergency event takes place in the user's given area
  5. For Park faculty
  6. They can report suspicious guests, baggages, and threats to administrators. Recieve instructions on how to respond from park administrators
  7. For park administrators
  8. Receive updates of threats from park employees. Sends notifications to park guests on what to do / how to respond in emergency situations The three types of users work together to help make the park a safer, more fun, and more efficient experience. ## How we built it We used Swift and Xcode to build the iOS app. Plans to expand to Android.

Challenges we ran into

We had alot of challenges getting the data from Disney parks, We eventually gave up since we would have to manually input all the data -- we are using fake location data for now -- with the hope that disney could give us more data. We also learned how to make different user interfaces for different types of users. The server was also a big challenge -- sending targeted push notications through the server.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have a sick logo :)

What we learned

We learned alot of Xcode and swift throughout the process. Learned how to use push notifications, tableviews and more

What's next for Disney Safety

Finish all the features for the park guests -- attraction page and itinerary planner.

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