Mainly targeted toward the younger audience, we wanted to find a way for kids to express their imagination and the endless possibilities of their lives by allowing them a way to explore and develop their own story based on the options which are available. Every decision they make impacts the story, and we’re hoping not only to connect users to the magical world of Disney but to spark their creativity and passion for storytelling themselves using the iconic characters which they already know. Children can feel immersed in the worlds of their favorite stories, while also learning about the power of decision-making.

What it does

Disney Adventures is an application that allows you to make your own adventures in the Disney Universe. From Tangled to Marvel, you can explore, interact, and allow your imagination to run wild through our visual-novel-styled storytelling platform. Users are given the opportunity to make decisions within each of the novels. The decisions change how the story ends and are reflected in traits portrayed at the conclusion of each story.

How we built it

  • AppSmith, the base of the application, interface design and flow of the application’s experience using Javascript, HTML, and CSS
  • CockroachDB, a SQL database management system, to store all of the information about our users and keep track of all their encouraging messages!
  • Adobe Photoshop and Canva for the graphic design and logo creation

Challenges we ran into

For this hack, we decided to use AppSmith as a way to host the data and make the connection between the backend and frontend easier to accomplish. In the past, we’d had the opportunity to test and use AppSmith before, but for this specific hack, we had to learn a lot more about JavaScripting within the app, especially in how the choices users make impact the story’s content. We ended up spending a lot of time debugging, especially since the JavaScript syntax in AppSmith is very finicky and not really used outside of the application. We also encountered a lot of crashes with Appsmith. One of the main challenges we had was simply deciding what stories we wanted to tell and delegate enough time for both coding and story-writing.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

With only two of us on the team for this hackathon, we were really happy about how much we were able to get done, not only in the application’s code, backend, and front-end design but also in our ability to develop three very different storylines for users to experience on the initial launch of this application. We’re hoping that these stories will give users a good idea of what our goal for this project is, especially with all the decisions and possibilities which our hack offers. We want to encourage users to use their imagination and get inside the action with their favorite Disney characters!

What we learned

We gained experience in:

  • how to use SQL databases like Cockroach.
  • coding in JavaScript, both within the AppSmith and outside, something which we haven’t had too much experience in before
  • how to integrate our queries with our front-end code and content -using technology to tell a story

What's next for Disney Adventures

We hope to add:

  • the ability for users themselves to develop their own stories using Disney characters on the platform, possibly using an API database to pull various characters from all the different universes
  • to add more branches and complexity in the storylines, such as having a decision made early in the story to have a greater impact on the long-term
  • the ability to export these stories after users have completed them, offering a summary of what they did and how it turned out in the end
  • list of possible endings, with users unlocking the endings as they play through each story time and time again

Please try out making your own stories at the link below!!

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