The vision of Finish® is to build a world where everyone uses a dishwasher to save precious time and water wasted by hand-washing. Finish's purpose is to ease the burden of dishwashing by empowering simple behavior changes.

Finish® needed to help people understand how and where to use their products with practical and empowering tools, without further burdening their already busy days. To address this we decided to build a solution utilizing a voice user interface. We wanted to help people identify where their dishwashing goes wrong and how they can do it right.

What it does

Taking the Finish brand purpose of ‘Easing the Burden of Dishwashing’ as the cornerstone of the conversational strategy, our goal was to create a purposeful voice experience that drives utility and education to help consumers create the best clean routine at home. Ultimately it should improve the quality of the consumer’s routine resulting in cleaner dishes, saving time, energy, and more efficient water consumption.

The Dishwasher Pro Alexa Skill is here to help you spot, prevent, and solve common dishwashing problems so you can get sparkling dishes every time.

With this skill you can:

✅ Get help with dishwasher clogging, build-ups, and bad smells

✅ Prevent or fix post-wash cloudy, dirty, or not dry dishes

✅ Receive tailored Finish® product recommendations to help solve your dishwasher issues

Open the skill by saying: "Alexa, open Dishwasher Pro".

Or go straight to the section you need with these:

  • For dishwasher troubleshooting say: "Alexa, ask Dishwasher Pro for dishwasher help"

  • For dishes troubleshooting say: "Alexa, ask Dishwasher Pro for dishes help"

  • For Finish® product information say: "Alexa, ask Dishwasher Pro for products"

PLEASE NOTE, the Dishwasher Pro skill, uses your email address to send you coupon codes for Finish products. To give the skill access to your email address, please follow the directions in the Alexa app, which you can access on your smartphone.

How we built it

There was a fine balance to be struck if we were to deliver something truly useful for Finish customers. We went through an extensive process and created the ultimate cleaning routine for dishwashers -

"A routine that’s smart enough to help you get sparkling clean dishes every time."

"A routine that saves you time, saves energy for your home, and saves water for the planet."

"A routine that works hard… So you don’t have to!"

Challenges we ran into

We had to figure out how might we… help people identify where their dishwashing goes wrong and how they can do it right?

  1. Would people be willing to get this advice from a voice assistant instead of contacting customer services?

  2. Are people willing to share their pain points around dishwasher/detergent usage?

  3. Do consumers hold greater value in one shot problem solving, or habitual use? (in terms of KPI setting)

Accomplishments that we are proud of

By creating a voice app, we’re allowing people to have a two-way conversation with Finish for the first time. And every interaction is an opportunity to reinforce the brand. We are helping to solve the consumer needs and pain points, and are able to better understand their motivations and requirements, therefore continually inform the brand data strategy.

The Dishwasher Pro Alexa Skill is also creating a brand equity uplift in demonstrating to consumers how Finish is a technologically enabled and modern brand that helps them solve their problems. It actively helps consumers diagnose the issues they are having with their dish clean, delivering not only an answer to their question but providing a seamless way to purchase the recommended solution.

What we learned

Consumers are looking for brands to be helpful in their homes, giving them the information they need without having to turn to a screen to get the answer. And while building any such conversational experience, we have to put special emphasis on the following points -

  1. Reduce Friction - Make any onboarding, such as providing permissions, as friction-free as possible with extremely clear instructions and scripting.

  2. Make the Conversation Interesting - Useful doesn’t mean boring! Bring delight to educational information with storytelling the whole family will love.

  3. Utilize Sonic Branding - Use sound design not only for sonic branding but also as UI elements to help the user's understanding of lists, actions, and confirmations.

What's next for Dishwasher Pro

For brands like Finish, the focus has to be moved from simply being available on voice assistants to channeling the power of these assistants to deepen their relationships with the users. The increasing integration of voice in wearables, watches, automobiles, and other custom devices is pushing the adoption beyond the smart speakers. The era of scaling is giving way to the era of scope expansion now!

We will also have to find out answers to -

"Can advising consumers lead to product sales uplift/more varied purchasing habits (purchasing from wider range)?"

"Can a conversational/educational approach increase purchasing conversion of lesser understood products?"

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