The inspiration of the Disgotchi, Discord bot + Tamagotchi from the popular toy/digital pet, by the name of Tamagotchi that was created in partnership by Bandai and WiZ in 1996. The virtual pet took the world by storm and made an impact on many of our childhoods across the world, allowing us to care for our own pet. Gameplay included feeding, playing with, bathing, "speaking to," and taking care of the Tamagotchi's health. As an attempt to bring back this spark of joy, we created the Disgotchi. The inspiration from this bot also comes from two places, the nostalgia of the 90s and early 2000s and a cure for the blues associated with Covid 19. Disgotchi is the perfect cure for this and giving discord members a way to come closer as a community taking care of this virtual pet, in a time where a close community is hard to achieve.

What it does

The Disgotchi bot acts much like the original Tamagotchi from the 90s, implementing a bunch of it's functionality, as well as a few more ideas that our team came up with. Users can feed, play with, scold/praise, sleep/wake up, clean up poop, heal disgotchi if sick (makes it unhappy if you dont),display age, weight, discipline, hunger, happiness and speak to disgotchi (disgotchi recognizes the words from users to it and responds with emotes)

How we built it

Disgotchi is built mainly with Python. We used sentiment intensity and an algorithm that detects the mood of the user through messages. Tenor GIFs and Kaomojis are also utilized to improve the visual design of Disgotchi.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into some issues with collaboration as many of us were in drastically different time zones. Eventually, we saw this as an advantage as we were able to work 24 hours around the clock. It was also amazing to collaborate with people from different countries.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of how much we have accomplished during this time frame. We've learned about new API's and all of us didn't even know how to make a discord bot before this! :)

What's next for Disgotchi

Features we would like to implement are leaderboards within each Discord server, tracking how many times people feed, play with, bathe, etc. with the bot. The leaderboard will show which player has a stronger bond with the pet and give a strong reason to be active in the server. In addition to the leaderboard, we would like to add achievements for milestones in interacting with the bot. For example, if a server made their bot poop 1000 times, it would pop up with achievement.

How you can use it

The command lines for Disgotchi include:

  • $hello : Greetings from Disgotchi

  • $hunger : The points for how hungry the Disgotchi is

  • $hunger feed : Feeding Disgotchi

  • $mood how : The current points for Disgotchi's mood

  • $mood feel : The Disgotchi's current feelings

  • $mood scold : Scolding Disgotchi

  • $mood praise : Praising Disgotchi

  • $mood compliment : Disgotchi sends a nice compliment to you :)

  • $mood meme face : Disgotchi gives you a meme face

  • $mood cry : Disgotchi sometimes cries too..

  • $mood walk : Take a walk with Disgotchi

  • $mood disgotchi : Calling Disgotchi

  • $mood sit : Sit Disgotchi!

  • $mood stand : Stand up Disgotchi!

  • $mood fetch : Get the ball!

  • $mood tantrum : GRRRR

  • $mood poop : Do I have to explain this one..?

Disgotchi Bot ID (For user testing)


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