The recent advances in digital therapeutics encourages adults to interface with technology (i.e. MayoClinic, WebMD) before seeking physician consultation. More users are seeking alternatives to affordable health care and personal health information which has led to the rise of private organizations that provide lab result data to patients directly, bypassing physician supervision. While it may be more fiscally advantageous to seek private lab testing, it lacks the physician interpretation and global perspective necessary to take action.

What it does

As a result, DisEasy was developed to fill the knowledge gap present when users are seeking reliable clinical lab result intepretations without the aid a physician. Therefore, this application provides benefits to:

  1. Users who have sought private results and are looking to have their results reliably interpreted
  2. Users who would like to obtain personal health correlations relative to the global population

Disclaimer: This application is not intended for medical diagnostic use. Please seek your doctor if you have any concerns regarding your lab results.

How we built it

Front-End: Bootstrap

Back-End: Django

Machine-Learning: Sci-kit Learn

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