Vision Blank is a single player simulation of the way disease is spread through a population. In the game players will apply preventative measures to individuals in the population in order to gain a better understanding of the impact of the individual actions on the health of the population.

High level Players act as supervisors for a large group of average people who autonomously move and interact with one another in the environment. Using a palette of simple options that the player can apply to each individual, the player will attempt to keep the population as healthy as possible.

Gameplay Players will have three options for preventive measures to choose from: Hand Sanitizer, Vaccine, Medication. Each of these options will have some effect on the likelihood of contracting the disease. Individuals in the game will follow randomized paths and have interactions with other individuals they cross paths with. The interactions will range from sharing a drink, passing paper documents, talking, shaking hands, water cooler. The different rooms in the office floor are a printing room, office with desk, water cooler in pantry.

Touchstones Games that inspired this game Plague

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