We have seen that covid or other viruses is spreading quickly. The death rate of the all countries will be increased because of the lack of awareness of the symptoms among the people. This lack of awareness among the symptoms leads to critical stage or death of the person. For that purpose we have come with the solution to identify the type of disease that the people had before getting the symptoms.

What it does

In this project there is hardware and software compartment . The hardware compartment will is placed in the public places like malls, theatres, companies, shops, etc.. When the person enters into shop, the IR light is passed on the persons body. With the received data of patient in IR light, the pulse oximeter sensor and pressure module sensor and temperature sensor will detect the data of the person with the help of Arduino. The detected data is send to the person’s mobile and his family through the mobile application(software compartment). If the data is related to the covid , this application will send notification to the family and this application suggest the doctors or health advisors in the online mode. They will see our health condition and they will decide whether Make an appointment or else online prescription and home quarantine advice. If the doctor make an online prescription means , it will send to the pharmacy near to your location and the medicines will home delivered . This application would also suggest the covid centres near to your location with the help of Oxygens ,Beds and Doctors. The notification send to the family will alert the family members to take Covid test. The main moto of this project is sending the real time data to the doctors for the verifying the health issues( I used the covid dataset for accurancy) These product is used after this pandemic because there was an endemic disease in our country like malaria , dengue etc… With updating the dataset of the disease , we will also find these diseases

How we built it

We have built with API's , Flutter, Tensorflow

Challenges we ran into

Initially we have difficult in algorithm part for training purpose then we have came with better algorithm and trained well.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have successfully completed that training covid dataset with greater accuracy.

What we learned

We have learned to work with realtime datasets and developed the AI mobile app.


We want to publish this project and get realtime datas for higher accuracy

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