The inspiration many came from wanting a platform to connect people with those they would not normally interact with. Many social media platforms today by their design seek to connect similar people together but not different. Additionally, it is increasingly difficult for people who disagree to discuss issues online or in-person for a variety of reasons. Discussit seeks to create a social media site where people can post and participate in friendly discussions with a variety of different people. Ultimately, we want to give room for people to explain their reasoning and views while also listening to others even if they don't agree.

What it does

Essentially the application facilitates friendly discussion between people. Users can sign in or sign up on the platform. After entering the platform, the user is brought to a home screen where they can search discussions and see the most recently posted discussions. They can also choose to go to the Create Discussion page where they can create their own discussion post for others to take part in. After choosing a discussion the user would like to participate in, they are taken to the View Discussion page. On the view discussion page, they are assigned to a small chat room where they are able to converse with other people who also want to talk about the topic. The user also has the option to leave the room via the CoolDown button. Clicking the CoolDown button causes a pop-up to appear asking for information about what occurred and askes if the user has anyone to report. Then they are taken back to the home screen. There is also a chatbot that can assist the user if they have any issues navigating the platform. Although we were not able to get all the functionality working this is how we envisioned the application to work.

How we built it

We used react js to create the front end and express js with firebase as the database for the backend. We then attempted to connect the front end and back end with a Cloudflare hosted server and a domain name.

Challenges we ran into

We had a lot of compatibility issues. Our backend was never able to connect to our front end due to difficulty with the compatibility of Firebase and the Cloudflare host. None of us initially knew how to set up the hosting, so that was a challenge to figure out. Lastly, due to time zone differences, we had a harder time working together as a group.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We feel like the front end has a good design and the endpoints themselves work, so we are proud of our abilities despite not being able to overcome the compatibility problem. We also feel like the idea itself is novel, interesting, and something that we could expand upon in the future. Lastly, the pages themselves do a good job of displaying the functionality of the app despite not being hooked up to the backend.

What we learned

We learned a good deal about all the technologies we utilized including express, react, firebase,, and Cloudflare. We also learned how difficult it can be to ensure compatibility between your different technologies. Lastly, we realized how difficult it is to complete a project in only about a day, as this was our first hackathon for two out of four of us.

What's next for DiscussIt

We feel the idea could be applied in some form of social media even if not our own. We believe the idea of discussion among small groups who don't know one another can lead to bad outcomes if not carefully monitored, but if it is monitored can also lead to amazing discoveries, discussions, ideas, and even friends. We would like to continue the project if possible, and if not to hold on to the idea and suggest it to larger social media platforms.

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