The reflection to displaced ones, people who are forced to leave their homes unwillingly all around the world for centuries.

What it does

It is an interactive VR storytelling experience to help the user feel empathy and take an action.

How we built it

Using Unity engine, we set our scenes and basic VR interactions. With use of a game manager we organized the sequence of experience and narration. At first day, we tried to implement MRTK toolkit for hand tracking. we had a vision to make it compatible with HoloLens, Quest and Magic Leap, with a theatrical scene to bridge the physical and virtual experiences.

Challenges we ran into

In addition to our current process we had envisioned to interact with volumetric body/motion capturing and implementing the movement design to our character(s) along with neural interaction to detect the user’s mood and reflect by particle systems. However due to some logistical and technical challenges we were unable to make that happen.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

As our group name, “4one”, we are proud of our diverse group of teammates with combined backgrounds and abilities who have been working in support of each other peacefully through a limited time and stressful setting. With all of the technological advancement, we are trying to create empathy through impactful social concerns, and making XR technology meaningful.

What we learned

To keep calm under pressure, be open to learn new techniques and solve problems practically and realistically. We also better learned to think about what interaction methodologies enhance efficiently during storytelling.

What's next for Displaced

We would like to develop this project and eventually continue on our collaborations after the MIT Hackathon and submit to international festivals, virtual exhibition platforms and gallery installation settings. We would also hopefully make the movement design work better through this content.

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