User Value

Internet addiction has become a widespread issue that nearly all of our peers can relate to as some level. Oftentimes we don’t even recognize how many hours slip away on addicting and distracting websites. The core technology behind DiscoverTab is our time tracking feature, which logs exactly how long our users spend on each website they visit, and presents them that data visually everytime they open a new tab. Based on the data, users can set productivity goals by automatically limiting their time spent on websites they select to be “distracting”. Every time our user opens a new tab, they’re reminded of their goals, progress, and are offered suggestions for discovering new websites that their time could be better spent on.

Business Value

Web presence is an ever-growing, competitive scene. Many a times, large, established companies have the advantage with buying ad space or search engine rankings. DiscoverTab opens an entirely new interface that provides smaller, better-built companies who truly have innovated quality websites a direct platform against these established companies. This innovative marketing tool ensures companies that they will be targeting interested users. The core technology behind this creates a linkage; once a user visits a competitor website, a company’s website would be suggested along with a chosen one line pitch. This finally would allow the up-and-coming to target users who have visited the established This direct competition is driven by ever-growing start-up websites who want exposure. This marketing strategy could also be used for organizations like scarlethacks who are looking for students that have visited websites like wildhacks. Or nonprofits like, who are looking for volunteers who have visited Chicago Boys and Girls Club’s website. The small investment into paying for this possible retrafficking allows smaller companies to finally showcase against their established competitors on a equal playing field. However, to users these attempts at retrafficking simply seem like a suggestion to be more diverse in website knowledge.

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