As Technology becomes more ingrained in people's lives, women participation becomes crucial in ensuring unbiased research and product development in the technology they too will use. Women having a hand in the R&D phase ensures all perspectives are considered.

What it does

An interactive website that gives women more information about STEM fields, encourages them to opt and what steps to follow to make a successful career in STEM field.

How we built it

We developed jsp pages using html, css, bootstrap and suggested particular STEM fields based on the questionnaire.

Challenges we ran into

How exactly women will be influenced with the STEM education, ways to motivate them.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We will be able to make an influence in some women's life.

What we learned

Basics of Web Development, Team Coordination, Team Collaboration

What's next for Discover Your Path With Us

Women tend to have a harder time finding female mentors, therefore we are planning to take their details where we can provide help personally.

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