Some people have this misconception that technology confines us, that the more technology does, the less we humans will do. But that is not the case, humans have always had the need to explore, to find new and interesting things to do. And to help push that idea further, we have a new, first of its kind app designed to feed the human's urge to explore. Introducing Discover, a Pebble smart watch app that pulls coordinates from FireBase, a real-time cloud server, and navigates the user to where ever they want to go. As you get closer to your location, your watch will vibrate more intensely, alerting you that you are closer to your target destination. With our carefully analyzed algorithm, we guarantee new and interesting things for you to find. With this technology, exploring new things in life will be as easy as wearing a watch. From the childhood nostalgic game of hide-and-go-seek to an adrenaline rushing game of geo-caching, the possibilities are for you to discover.

Challenges we ran into

One of the challenges we ran into was getting accurate coordinates from our devices as the basic built-in gps system gave an error rate of around 80 meters in radius. To solve this problem, we carefully designed an algorithm that reduced the error rate to around 15 meters in radius thus providing us with a more accurate location. Another one of the challenges we ran into was integrating multiple Pebble watches onto Firebase and communicate with each other as Pebble is a rarely used platform that was never meant to connect to Firebase. To solve this problem, we carefully read aspects of both Firebase and Pebble FrameWork to ensure full integration between the two platforms

What We Learned

How to interact with a real-time server and integrating it onto a rarely used platform. Design algorithm to accurately locate the distance between two coordinates.

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