"Energy earns or simply burns, the choice is yours. Energy misused cannot be excused."

What it does

DiscoverPower helps you check your power consumption for different time span daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly,half-yearly. Furthermore, provides a feature to check the gauge the power consumption wrt to the average power consumption in your locality with the same apartment size and number of people.

How we built it

The Google Cloud Platform is used to store the dataset for power consumption. Cloud SQL for MySQL is used to run queries based on the user and time span of power consumption. The data representation is implemented in Tableau. The mobile app, React-native is used to create an application for both Android and ios phones.

Challenges we ran into

Complexity of the project, integrating the solutions, working on new technologies

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Impact of the application, technical adeptness, team collaboration, relevance of the project in day-to-day lives

What we learned

How technology can leverage environmental problems, Visualizing large dataset, React Native mobile app development, team collaboration , brainstorming technological solutions

What's next for Discover

Sending alert notifications when the power consumption exceeds more than the ballpark value for over a week. Also, reward people with low power consumption for a month

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