As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and broader societal changes, we see three key trends emerge in the realm of healthcare:

  1. The rise of telemedicine - The pandemic has forced the acceleration of remote care by lowering policy barriers and changing consumer behavior.
  2. Decentralization of care - Patients will now "shop around" for a care provider that provides the highest quality and level of care instead of relying on a singular provider.
  3. Integration of technology - Healthcare is beginning to fully integrate with the digital world, as we've seen a quick shift onto electronic health records as well as the growth of tracking technologies.

There currently exists no platform that has fully adapted to the new healthcare environment. Individuals now expect to have visibility into the quality of care as well as the ability of a given provider to fit their needs.

The proposed platform, Discover, would integrate deeply with Dr.Chrono and leverage the existing provider network to create a healthcare booking platform that is in-line with current consumer expectations.

What it does

The Discover workflow is simple. To book an appointment, individuals would:

  1. Search the platform based on location, facility needs, and time constraints. Individuals can filter based on the care that they need (for example, doctor vs. dentist), as well as the date that they are available.

  2. We conduct a location-based search on nearby providers and fetch their instant availability via the Dr.Chrono API. We then serve the results to the user, who can see a list of the facilities, their locations, as well as ratings.

  3. Users can book instantly through Discover - which uses the Dr.Chrono API to schedule appointments. This means that the platform has the capability to integrate with the Dr.Chrono EHR (for providers) as well as OnPatient (for patients).

How I built it

Discover is currently a Next.js webapp, which uses React.js and Node.js. A list of eligible providers is stored in MongoDB. We utilize the Google Maps API for location-based search and the Dr.Chrono API to calculate availability and to book appointments instantly.

What's next?

I would love to work with the Dr.Chrono team to make this platform (or a similar product) a reality. The current user experience for healthcare bookings is nowhere near what consumers expect, and I sincerely believe that Dr.Chrono has the network and resources needed to make this concept a success.

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