One of our team members, Shangyu Hsu, is an ambitious and talented saxophone player, who is unfortunately aware how hard it is to get his music heard, not just by his friends, but by college scouts, or even record labels. If Shangyu uploaded a song to Youtube, he would have to be able to garner 100-500 likes or views before he even gets noticed by any college scout or record label of importance. And often, sometimes even the best musicians are not able to get enough hits to be viewed by record labels. This is where Discover comes in. Discover acts as your own little advertiser. The idea of Discover is that anyone who creates a username would be able to upload a song that he or she sang/played to a shared database where everyone can access it. A user of Discover would then open the app, and the database would randomize its contents, selecting a random user and playing his or her song. The user could then like it, skip, comment on it, or rate it. In other words, Discover acts like a peer review of music but also is a instrument of discovering no-name artists or musicians who want to make it big. Due to time constraints, we decided to code this app with the use of pictures instead of songs. The idea is the same. A random picture is taken from the database and shown to the user, and the user can like, comment, rate that picture. For the database, we were able to use Firebase, which is a cloud database system. The most challenging part of our app was uploading the picture to Firebase and then converting it back so that the user can see it. In the future, we hope to extend this peer review idea not just to song, but perhaps also to essays for student in high school (where one student can peer review another student's essay.)

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