We love exploring and discovering new areas, but we often find ourselves wasting time in search of cool places on Google Maps, Yelp, etc. We wanted to build an app that would help us find cool new places in our area without losing focus on the expression aspect of it all.

How it works

A user opens the app and sees a Google Maps view with markers on cool places nearby. These places have been marked and reviewed by fellow users of the app. By clicking either the marker or the location item within the recycler view at the bottom, the user will be taken to an activity where they will be provided with additional information on the cool location. Here they will find the location, its image, its rating, a description and reviews by fellow users. They can also add their own reviews to the location in order to (theoretically) improve the accuracy of the rating.

Challenges I ran into

Floating action button to stay at the same position for multiple screens.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Completing a functional app in the matter of a few hours.

What I learned

Waterloo is great.

What's next for Discoveo

Promotion of the app to build a user-base.

Built With

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