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What it does

It is an app that allows the user to join debates and argue with people on other mobile devices about questions submitted by others. The user can also spectate and watch debates that are currently happening. The spectators offer up the main questions as well as judge and vote for the winner.

The card game version includes many different questions along with make-your-own question cards in which you and your group try to convince each other of your views. The one who gets the most votes wins the card! The one who gets the most cards wins.

How we built it

We started off trying to make an Anrdroid app, and learned a lot, but due to none of us being programmers, we were not able to continue with making a realistic app that achieved what we were planning. We used in order to design a user interface. We printed out the interface in order to show how it would work in words.

We also used PowerPoint in order to create the cards for the card game.

we also used java to create a basic chat room to somewhat simulate what the app would be like.

Challenges we ran into

not knowing how to program was a big road block

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting something done. The designs we created. working through the tough spots and still coming up with something we are proud of.

What we learned

We learned a very small amount about Android app inventor We learned how to work together to get tasks done and how to morph our ideas into something that would work.

What's next for discourse

Making the actual app (online multiplayer) Possible Kickstart

Built With

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