One day I was shopping with my friends, and a can of soda was 25% off. It didn't say how much it cost with the discount and I wanted to know, so I had to go through the hassle of using a calculator to find out how much it cost, so I decided to make a simple yet useful app to calculate how much money you will have to pay when something is on sale and it doesn't say the new price already!

What it does

This simple app calculates how much a product will cost after a percentage off is applied.

How I built it

Our app was made using the MIT App Inventor.

Challenges I ran into

I ran into multiple challenges, making the app function was a very hard problem. I had to watch many Youtube tutorials and had to even reach out for help from a friend.

What I learned

I learned how to use the MIT App Inventor and plan on learning to code Android apps far superior than a basic discount calculator.

What's next for DiscountCalculatorPro

  • Add taxes.
  • See how much money you saved.

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