What it does

Discount Hero is a messenger bot that helps users to seek out offers, discounts and savings from their favourite brands. We index 1000's of offers and respond to user searches in a simple, low bandwidth, messaging environment. Users can subscribe for Offer Notifications from their preferred brands.

How we built it

AWS lambda functions and API gateway to develop Micro Services that interface with Microsoft Bot Framework and Wit.ai for Natural Language Understanding. Data is stored in an AWS RDS Mysql database.

Challenges we ran into

Developing in such an early ecosystem was full of challenges ranging from lack of documentation, early beta products that were updated with breaking changes meaning we had to refactor code several times. We also had to learn and understand a completely new way of interacting with the end users via a pure text interface.

What's next for Discount Hero

We plan to launch across multiple messenger platforms and countries introducing more Offer notification features.

Built With

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