We wanted to make an interactive tool to help businesses, especially small businesses, get exposure while making it engaging for the user. Finding inspiration in how popular Pokemon Go was, we decided to create something similar while adding a functional finance feature.

What it does

Our project's backend is a website where businesses can make an account and create their discount offers. Users can download a mobile app that will access the website through its API and take information about the business name, address, and discount offer. Through an algorithm, the app will display the discount offer as a button on a virtual map that is within a certain range from the business location. By tracking each user's GPS location, users will be able to travel around the map and "catch" the discount offers. Users can then make an account on the website and activate their discount code.

How I built it

The website was built as a flask application, using jinja, html/css, and python to create the pages and functions. Information, such as the account login, name, address, and discount information is stored in a database create by sqlite3. The database is made up of three tables: users, discounts, and codes. The users table contains all the user information; the discounts information contains the offer (20%), number of offers/coupons, and a foreign key reference to the business id in the users table. After each discount offer is made, the program generates a random 7-character code for each coupon that is offered. The codes table shows each code that was generated as well as the discount offer id and the user that received it if it was received. Next we created an app through the MIT-app-inventor that displays a map and tracks the user's GPS location. We connected it to the website so that it can take in information about the businesses and discounts.

Challenges I ran into

Originally, we were going to create only a website that would do everything, but the GPS tracker function wouldn't work on a laptop, which is why we transferred the GPS part to a mobile app while keeping the back-end and database on the website.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Successful creation of the map, as GPS tracking was something none of us had ever track, and the successful connection of the app to the website.

What I learned

This really helped deepen our understanding about web development, APIs, and mobile app development.

What's next for Discount Go!

We wish to make the website more functional and maybe allow users to make actual transactions through the app/website.

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