TravelBot is a discord bot that simulates going on a grand, world travelling adventure.

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The git cli should be installed for this project. Python libraries that should be installed via pip install are:, python_dotenv.

You need to get PSQL to work with python by running these commands: 1. sudo yum update, and enter yes to all prompts
2. sudo pip install --upgrade pip
3. sudo pip install psycopg2-binary
4. sudo pip install Flask-SQLAlchemy==2.1

If you do not already have a psql database, you need to initialize one: 1. sudo yum install postgresql postgresql-server postgresql-devel postgresql-contrib postgresql-docs
Enter yes to all prompts.
2. sudo service postgresql initdb
3. sudo service postgresql start
4. Make a new superuser: sudo -u postgres createuser --superuser $USER 5. Make a new database: sudo -u postgres createdb $USER
6. Make sure your user shows up and make a new one:
a) psql
b) \du look for yourself as a user
c) \l look for yourself as a database b) create user [some_username_here] superuser password '[password]'; i) Make sure you remember the quotes around password and the semicolon. Check \du to ensure it worked. c) \q to quit out of sql

Finally, you need to enable SQLAlchemy to be read from and written to: 1. sudo vim /var/lib/pgsql9/data/pg_hba.conf i) Alternative: sudo vim $(psql -c "show hba_file;" | grep pg_hba.conf)
2. Replace all values of ident with md5 in Vim: :%s/ident/md5/g
3. sudo service postgresql restart
4. Using the username/password you just created, put DATABASE_URL = 'postgresql://{username}:{password}@localhost/postgres' in .env

If you wish to deploy to heroku, log into heroku on your command line and run the following commands to move your database over: 0. If you do not already have a heroku project: heroku create and add your config variables. 1. heroku addons:create heroku-postgresql:hobby-dev 2. heroku pg:wait 3. heroku pg:push postgres DATABASE_URL 4. git push heroku main 5. May also have to run heroku ps:scale worker=1 web=1

Set up

Go to the Discord Developers portal and create a bot. Give it persmissions to read and write messages. Get the bot's token and save it under a file names .env with the variable name DISCORD_TOKEN. Use api from


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