A bot for bots!

Every time a buisness starts a discord channel, it needs to go through the monotonous task of creating a bot.
Although a bot is the optimal soln. for a user-friendly buisness it makes use of TOKENS which in the wrong hands could destroy a buisness.
This is often due to the fact that most buisnesses lack the know-how for making a bot and crowd-source the task. This could lead to the TOKENS for your buisness ending up in the wrong hands.

The solution

Discordia is a bot that makes Discord bots. The user can easily add tons of functionality to his bot with no technical know-how.
Discordia generates a python-based Discord bot and all the user has to do is to enter the TOKENS to his bot. This ensures that the data is in safe and secure hands.

User Manual

Run the fileCreator.py file. The resulting file generated will be the Discord bot program.
The botCreator.py is the bot program and the .env file is where you store your TOKENS
Enter your discord bot token and the guild name in your .env file and your good to go !!

As simple as that !

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