With most of our group being dedicated Discord chatters, we saw this as an opportunity to expand on what we know about coding and Discord to create a bot with specific functions. We chose to entertain the notion of an event planning bot as we all recently experienced the consequences of rushed and unorganized event planning.

What it Does:

EventBot allows users to create events in a chat with detailed information pertaining to that event sent to everyone in the server as an invitation. Specifically, EventBot identifies text entries in the message box such as “--create” and “--help”, and then checks to ensure that all parameters are there. Users can then RSVP to the host of the event, and the bot records all users who are coming. Once the calendar approaches the date of the event, individual reminders are sent through direct messages in the Discord chat to users who have confirmed their attendance.

How we Built It:

We used node.js, Discord.js and Firebase to make the bot and store the data. When a event is created the our code pushes the data to our firebase database. The code periodically checks the database to send reminders to users that are going to that event.

Accomplishments we are proud of:

Eventually, we were able to delegate tasks in a well regulated and inclusive manner so that all members of the team were being used to their full potential and were working to their strengths, thus ensuring we were exploiting our limited time efficiently. We also gained experience with node.js, Discord.js and Firebase.

What we learned:

We gained lots of experience with node.js, Firebase and the Discord API. We were inexperienced in all three of these environments before we started but we feel comfortable using the APIs again in the future with much less Stack Overflow. We also gained more experience with HTML, CSS and Javascript which we used for the website.

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