We always encounter people from all over the world on discord when playing video games and when they want to communicate with us, it always takes a long time to translate what they wrote to English. This bot allows us to translate what they say immediately. It also allows us to talk to relatives who cannot speak English.

What it does

It translates any text in any language into English.

How we built it

First we designated a discord bot for this task in the discord app. Then we developed data sets and a model for our program to have the ability to identify what language a person is writing in. Afterwards, we wrote code that took that information, translated it through Google translate, and sent it to the discord bot. Now, whenever someone types "+enable" in the chat, whatever text they send afterwards will be translated.

Challenges we ran into

The machine learning portion of the code had issues where the data set would not fit into the model's layers. We fixed that. However, by the time we finished it, we realized allowing our program to process the data set would take too long, so we had to go take a different route to identify the language.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Having a functional machine learning model. App translates text to English mostly accurately.

What we learned

That we need more time and our bigger and better desktop computers to run machine learning models.

What's next for Discord Translator Bot

We will incorporate our machine learning model when we have time to allow it to run. It also needs to be more precise in its translations, but that may be just Google translate.

Built With

  • discord
  • google-colab
  • laptops
  • pycharm
  • python
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