I grew used to having automatic recording programs for other VoIP programs and noticed a lack of recording options for discord.

What it does

At the current date, the bot has several commands which include options to automatically join/leave voice channels based on the population of the voice channel. When present in a voice channel discord is constantly recording! Main commands include '!save', '!clip', and '!echo', which allow you save audio recordings of various lengths or echoing back past audio. Saved audio clips will be uploaded or linked in chat for later use.

How I built it

Built using Java Discord API (, Java-LAME (, and Google's GSON library (

Challenges I ran into

We went many many failed designs, failed features, and broken APIs.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

A functional program I (and hopefully many others) will use regularly.

What I learned

A bunch of discord APIs, Naudio, various libraries, and lots of audio codecs.

What's next for Discord Recorder

New features, polishing, and wider access :)

Built With

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Austin Miller posted an update

I have recently picked it back up. It is currently semi-functional and up and running on a discord bot account now. Currently, I have to run it locally while I set up a server to host the bot and the audio files, so it won't be up 24/7. Right now there are a decent amount of commands and options and it's somewhat usable. Everything is a bit rough around the edges as of now and there's sure to be plenty of bugs, but I'm smoothing it out as I go.

As of now- when a recording is finished it attempts to upload it to discord chat, but due to discord file size limits and my lack of compression, the max length is about ~45 seconds before it breaks the cap. However, I added a command !clip [time] that clips the last x seconds of the audio file and uploads it to the chat, so that's handy.

If you'd like to help me bug test and see what use you can get out of the current state of the bot the link is here:

Feel free to add me on discord, appreciate the interest and any help/ideas you guys can provide :)

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