During the course of the pandemic we have had many unsuccessful office hour meeting with various professors. Sometimes the wrong zoom link was sent, other times technical issues occurred and there were a couple occurrences when the professor straight up left. Zoom was just a very inefficient way of talking with the professor because you could not do it privately. People would be listening in and it would make things very awkward. So we decided to make a discord bot that would eliminate most difficulties.

What it does

Our discord bot allows students to easily enter a waiting queue to meet with the professor.

How we built it

We built it using javascript and node.js which has a discord module for making applications.

Challenges we ran into

In short, one of our original group members screwed us over by leaving in the middle of yesterday without telling anyone so we had to pick up on his slack. But unfortunately due to the time constraint, we could not link a webpage to our discord bot so we just threw the webpage out the window. Also, some of us had a lot of school work to do so our focus wasn't 100% on the hackathon.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're just proud we got something done with the given circumstances.

What we learned

Well, we learned a lot coding wise, but the moral of the story from our hackathon experience was trust. We trusted someone to do their job well and they ended up not doing it at all.

(This is his linkedin by the way: )

What's next for Discord Profbot

We would like to link the discord bot to a webpage so students can access it easier.

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