sometimes people get lonely, a chatbot is a nice solution

What it does

the chatbot responds to messages in a channel in discord. it uses its neural network model to react to messages intelligently

How we built it

we built it using tensorflow, natural and discord.js. we watched and followed along many tutorials online

Challenges we ran into

we didn't know javaScript so we have to learn it on the spot the tutorial we follow was in python but we coded in javascript so the transition is rough. we didn't know much about neural networks and have to learn it on the spot we didn't have as much exposure to git until this hackathon difference in timezone and schedule conflicts really hindered our progress

Accomplishments that we're proud of

we built a working neural network driven discord chat bot

What we learned

a lot about neural networks, web programming, javascript, how to use git, node.js

What's next for discord chat bot

we'll train the bot better and don't run training code every time the bot loads. we'll add text to speech and speech to text features so the bot can talk in voice chat we'll add an icon to the bot

Built With

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posted an update

  1. added class-based implementation of neuralNetworkChatBot
  2. added random talking (qotd) module
  3. trained neural network model can be saved and not trained every time you run the code
  4. bot only talks when "bot" is included in the message
  5. now hosted 24/7 on heroku
  6. updated presentation of the bot (has an icon now)
  7. can understand and reply to more types of messages and say "don't understand" when it can't quite understand the message

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