The discord bots in the servers around us.

What it does

This Discord bot includes many fun commands like 2-player tic-tac-toe, single player rock paper scissors and a quote generator. It has a help menu to list all commands and customization for what key words it responds to.

How we built it

We made the bot using the discord module from python and separated the project in multiple files.

Challenges we ran into

A difficulty we ran into was making the tic-tac-toe command respond to multiple messages on Discord. To resolve this issue, we had to research the functions inside of the discord package. Another challenge was to do asynchronous programming for the first time, since the structure is a bit different.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We made a somewhat complex discord bot even though none of us had very much experience coding these.

What we learned

We learn that maybe it's better to plan things before coding. We learned how to use classes to organize our code more cleanly and efficiently. We also learned how to create a program in multiple files, allowing us to separate different pieces of the program which interact together in the main file.

We discovered different ways to share code such as VS code live share and

What's next for Fun Bot

A built-in gacha game perhaps?

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