We are inspired by the different bots that are created by the developers for the discord. Just like the RSS, we want our blog posts to get directly attracted to the users in the discord server.

What it does

When the bot is introduced to the Discord server, It will show the content of the blog based on our search results. This will be helpful in turn to see the content of the blog and also it updates the new posts directly to the discord channel.

How we built it

Using the Replit Platform, We integrate the Blogger API, Discord API, and Python. We have our blog THIS IS in which we have accessed the Blog ID which helps to connect with the bot and the blog. For creating the Discord bot - Using the developers portal of Discord where you will create an App and a unique ID is given. By integrating all we are able to build this app and run it using the Replit in on the cloud. Thanks to Replit

Challenges we ran into

We have faced issues in importing the packages and also the API'S.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The users will be able to find their interesting articles directly from the discord itself.

What we learned


*Integrating Blogger with Discord


What's next for Discord-Blogger_Bot

Our future Step is that We are looking forward to adding many features into our Bot, which will be useful for all Discord users to view the whole content of the blog just by looking at the Discord server. Also, the user will be able to send feedback about the post from the discord itself.

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