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Our inspiration for Discope came from the lack of awareness of social distancing and public safety. Millions of individuals are not aware of the social distancing precautions, and through this invention, this will not only limit the spread of the current pandemic, but also raise awareness of the extreme causes of the pandemic, such as the lack of social distancing, not wearing masks, and much more!

About the Developers

Both sophomores from high school and located on opposite sides of the United States (West and East coasts), Shreeniket and Johnny both held the unified goal of disease prevention, specifically raising awareness and preventing the spread of covid-19, a major disruption in the education system!

What it does

Due to the pandemic, schools and education-affiliations are unable to prevent the spread or risk of students while holding education as a priority, which is a major problem in today's society! As a result, this innovation, Discope, allows for school districts and educational-affiliations to offer teachers to sign up and login to Discope through the website interface. Once the account is made, the account is shared to students in each administration to provide a multitude of factors that will prevent the spread of covid-19. This innovation also considers the privacy of its users and does not track user location, instead, bluetooth signals are used by the app to compare the distances of relative devices to uphold the 6 feet distancing rule. The app incorporates firebase, so that if students were to contract covid-19 or if any devices are within the range of 6 feet, the notification will be sent to not only the devices in violated range, but also to the administration thanks to firebase.

How We built it

We built discope through the utilization of various languages such as html, css, javascript, firebase, ruby, swift, and the incorporation of AI, VR, and last but not least, google cloud. This allowed us to develop a platform of both website and mobile application to convey the purpose of prioritizing student education, while maintaining safety! Through augmented reality, the application was designed to feature several aspects that ultimately assist with increasing awareness of COVID and the prevention of spreading COVID.

Challenges We ran into

Challenges we ran into was the complication of code, and also the aspects of collaboration, as we had various timezone differences. Overtime, we were able to conquer these challenges and successfully develop the Discope application and website.

Accomplishments that We're proud of

We are proud of accomplish what we thought we never could. By addressing a dire situation of modern society, we were able to find a "cure" for a problem that millions suffer.

What We Learned

We learned many ways of overcoming obstacles, as well as various approaches to developing code, from firebase, to website applications!

What's next for Discope

Beyond just the hackathon, Discope holds an unlimited potential for not only assisting students and educational-affiliations, but once given a larger platform, Discope is capable of expanding to new industries and spreading awareness of caution for the prevention of disease, specifically the current Covid-19! We are always flexible and open to change.

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