Many people use Short-Form videos, like Instagram Reels, to share with their friends funny moments, like a dance or karaoke time. I think Disco Lights is a fun and simple way to add a festive context to a video.

What it does

Adds a "lights" effect to the image, if there's a user in front of the camera it adds a bounce effect using a 2D transformation patch.

How I built it

With Spark AR Studio. This effect works with Background Segmentation, in order to create a Bounce effect along with the User Segmentation Mask Texture. The Bounce effect was adjusted using the Spark AR Studio Patch Editor and the color-changing lights effect was created using an Animation Sequence of 5 PNG color frames. I’ve also added a custom instruction on opening to warn the user that this effect contains flashing images.

Challenges I ran into

Making an effect that's simple but fun at the same time.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The size of this project is only 4.4 kB

What I learned

I've learned that even if an effect looks complicated, the compression tools in Spark AR Hub reduces the file size.

What's next for Disco Lights

I think this effect is a great Reels complement because it’s simple, lightweight and very easy to use so I think it could be a success πŸ˜„

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