Dov Biran, the CEO of Fitango Health, was discharged from the hospital a few years ago and received a discharge plan on paper. As he went through the plan, he knew there had to be a better, more efficient way for patients to follow their plans. With the development team, he created a way for families, friends and care teams to be involved with the patient’s progress online.

What it does

Our platform easily creates discharge plans, containing medication and measurement trackers, that can directly be assigned to the patient and monitored by the discharge planner.

How we built it

Back end–PHP using APC cache DB–MySQL DB encryption 256 (names, messages, comments, medications, logs) iOS–API developed in-house Android OS–API developed in-house

Challenges we ran into

The expected challenge is the resistance to change by discharge managers. There is a learning curve to every new platform and sometimes creating a new process can be difficult. To reduce the learning curve, we provide guidance during the process so they feel comfortable and empowered. We also saw patient adherence is a problem, so we developed numerous motivational tools to keep the patients engaged and on track.

Accomplishments that we're proud of The accomplishment that we are most proud of is the shift from one platform that was solely for patients to expanding the offering to care management and plan building. We hope that this solution will achieve its main goal; to reduce patients readmission rates.

What we learned

When you combine a great solution and strong requirements you can come up with a good ROI.

What's next for Discharge 2.0 by Fitango Health

We plan to create a holistic, patient centric experience that covers the full spectrum of care management.

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