This is basically an app to perform personality assessment of a person using the DISC tool. This app contains the basic requirements for completing the DISC test and generating a DISC graph.

It is a series of 28 pages, having two choices each in every page. The user is expected to select an option that suits him most, and one that suits him least.


1) To run the web application, download the version and clone it in your computer.

2) You must have nodejs and mongodb installed. The database path of mongod has to be ~~DISC/data

3) Change direction to disc and type

SET DEBUG=disc* && npm start

if npm is installed, or

node app.js

if npm is not installed.


Run the application, and complete the questionnaire. Then click on Results button to see your result.


For any bugs, questions or suggestions, feel free to email me at lloydaf@gmail.com

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