Our county experiences frequent natural disasters because the archipelago was formed from a very long evolutionary process, due to tectonic movements. It has been called the "Ring of Fire".

What it does

Ring of Fire: Disaster Response System involves risk mitigation, disaster prevention activities, emergency response, and rehabilitation. It includes:

  1. pre-disaster/mitigation
  2. emergency response
  3. post-disaster/rehabilitation

The application is intended to be used by:

  1. (Affected) residents
  2. Relief organizations
  3. Government, and/or other entities.

How I built it

  • EC2
  • AWS Sagemaker to build machine learning models.
  • Datasets: NexRAD on AWS

Challenges I ran into

  • predict damage to houses, buildings, and public facilities (schools, hospitals, etc).

What I learned

  • Develop machine learning model for the disaster response system

What's next for Ring of Fire

  • Post-disaster rehabilitation and reconstruction system.
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