We were inspired by the idea of creating technology to bridge legal information and representation gaps in times of emergent need. Disasters are a perfect example, where unforseen legal needs arise that require a quick response and innovative delivery systems.

With an old laptop, an internet connection, and three entirely web-based tools (Como, Canva and Google Docs) we created disastr with two people in less 12 hours at no cost. Disastr was created as a web app, as well as a native app for Android and iOS (although not yet submitted to Google Play or iTunes stores). All of the design and legal content was created specifically for disastr during the hackathon.

Resources include:

  • Plain language legal information on disaster planning, disaster recover, housing, unemployment, food stamps, FEMA benefits, and insurance;
  • Disaster news and alerts from trusted resources like FEMA and the Red Cross;
  • Disaster videos from FEMA on preparing for common disasters like hurricanes, tornados, and earthquakes;
  • A find legal help map with disaster legal assistance providers;
  • A form to apply for legal assistance and referrals; and
  • A "click to call" disaster hotline feature.

The app can be accessed by a smart phone at http://disastr.mobapp.at.

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