The inspiration behind the app comes from all of the recent natural disasters that have occurred around the world, the California wildfires being only one of the most recent examples. When developing this application, our team wanted to put our feet into shoes of the thousands of victims effected all over the world every year by natural disasters. Throughout the creation of this app we constantly asked ourselves, "How can we help someone who is caught in the middle of a disaster without a place to safely hide or knowledge of what is going on around them?" With this thought in mind, Disaster Watch puts the safety of disaster victims above anything else, and hopefully will help to mitigate the damage done by these terrible events.

What it does

This application intends to alert victims of natural disasters about surrounding dangers, during the most dangerous times. During a disaster, any user is able to share pins to surrounding users, indicating a dangerous situation (fire, flood, debris, etc. . .). In addition, more prepared users are able to share their location as a shelter point for those in need, also attaching a note indicating any supplies the shelter may need.

How we built it

We built this application with a full stack approach. The various technologies and languages selected to create this project work seamlessly together to create a responsive and satisfying UI experience for the user.

Challenges we ran into

There were several challenges faced throughout the creation of this project. The main challenge was getting the different machines to communicate effectively with one another. Working with Xamarin was another major challenge that presented itself.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud to have created an app that will serve the community during some of the worst times. We ran into several problems in our stack and each felt more challenging than the last. Overall we are the most proud to have worked through those challenges as a team and finishing the app we came here to create.

What we learned

We learned a multitude of things by working through the stack to create this app. Mostly, we learned how complicated it can be for different languages to communicate effectively. Also, the vast differences between creating a project in school and creating a project here were a shock to us as well.

What's next for DisasterWatch

DisasterWatch plans to continue to develop and produce an application that can help save people during natural disasters. We have several new updates already planned to push to the app. These, hopefully, will assist the app in serving the community more effectively.

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