We found that it can be difficult to visualize data to raise awareness about the damage that is done to Business Owners and Individuals and decided to take the step forward in addressing this problem. Our solution is DisasterVision, which you can find more about by reading through this story.

What it does

Our goal was to make it easier for businesses and finance minded individuals to determine whether natural disasters will negatively impact them and adjust accordingly. DisasterVision displays data regarding past hurricanes and earthquakes throughout the USA (as of now, can be expanded on a global scale). It offers an interactive experience where the user can look at correlations between earthquakes and hurricanes allowing for a thoughtful analysis of the disasters' impact.

How I built it

We utilized ReactJS with a expressJS backend that made calls to MongoDB and various APIs to retrieve data that was formatted through our methods and turned into a visualization.

Challenges I ran into

We had trouble implementing more data visualizations for natural disasters. In particular, it was difficult to display info windows when users clicked on a marker because of event handling.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud to be able to take extracted data from various data sources and create meaningful visualizations that will allow users to perform thoughtful analysis..

What I learned

With 3 people that has never done full-stack development, we gained a lot of valuable experience. The project required full-stack development using the popular framework, ReactJS. We also got more exposed to ExpressJS and making various http requests to retrieve API data to format them for our visualizations.

What's next for DisasterVision

We would like to implement more user map interactions such as pop up info windows when you click on markers and expand our scope to a global scale. Being able to look at disasters through various time-frames and having various map views to better visualize the damage that was done to impacted locations.

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