Our inspirations were from the Australian wildfires. We knew that we wanted to do something regarding natural disasters and the seriousness of them. We were debating on which natural disasters to cover when we said, "Why not just do all of them?" We decided to target awareness and relief as no one really pays attention to those parts of natural disaster education.

What it does

Our project has two parts, an app and a website. The website is an awareness website for adults and teenagers to grasp what exactly they are facing. The app is utilizable by people of all ages. There are two main features on the app: calling and chatting with emergency services, and finding disaster relief centers near them using Google Maps APIs.

How we built it

We built the website with javascript, HTML, and CSS. We used slideshows, sticky navigation bars, and a lot of cards. Our app had a web viewer, a cloud DB for a chat, a phone call service, and an embed link for our Google Maps API.

Challenges we ran into

We were being a little ambitious and trying cool animations and graphic effects that didn't really work and ate up a lot of our time. We also had a little trouble trying to get the Google Maps API to start. However, with a lot of Googling, we were able to figure it out. Another challenge we faced was trying to get our app to be desirable and aesthetically pleasing. We had all of the logic down, but it didn't look that great! We fixed that, however, and we were able to create a product we are proud of.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're really proud of figuring out the Google Maps API without (too much) help from fellow hackers. We're also really proud of making a finished product that if continued in the future, would be updated and tweaked to make a sophisticated app and website.

What we learned

We learned how to think of ideas on the spot and we also learned how to adapt to new technologies and softwares really quickly

What's next for Eye of the Hurricane

We'll try and finish adding touches to the app and website to make it function even better and look more sophisticated.

We would also work with emergency services to implement the idea of a proper chat with a responder responding to the victim of the disaster.

We would also make this app accessible to iphone users as it is only accessible to android users and Swift, the programming language to create iOS apps was not working at the start of the hackathon, therefore we had to leave that idea.

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